FIRTH!  This is Jonathan Firth, from a show I had to review for a midterm in a class I’m taking.  Jonathan is the lesser know of the two Firth species. Unless of course you were into Highlander in the Mid 90s, then you certainly knew who this Firth is.  I screen capped the above Firth being a broody Artist in Midsomer Murders and the below Firth in Highlander, being a broody poet.  Both were from around the same time period. I think the poor guy was being type cast—probably the hair.  

I screen capped both of these cause deep down inside…I miss the Highlander fandom a little bit. I miss also miss Highlander’s House of Wigs, guaranteed to make you look like an idiot. Free Sideburns with every wig. 

2 years ago on 06/30/12 at 01:34am
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