The Problem Of Women In Comics: Where They Are (and Aren't) [Opinion] ›

From the Article:

It’s going to take more than an imprint, or a few titles, or a few big names. It’s going to take rebuilding not only the borders, but the center of comics — industry, medium, and market. For as long as we keep those alternative voices and narratives on the margins, they’ll fail, not because of what they are, but because they have been made marginal. We need to set about deliberately creating a new status quo, one in which those narratives and the voices behind them are popularly recognized and valued — critically and financially — as a significant and definitive portion of the comics canon: not fringe, not alternative, but a vital, central component of a diverse whole.

While the piece centers on women in comics, I think it could be said that moving away from treating a small genre (super hero comics) as main stream would be beneficial to not only women, but the industry in general. 

3 years ago on 08/29/11 at 02:05pm
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